Fed Up (in production)

Rapt in the fever of the Arab Spring, Senegalese youth stand up to the long-time President of Senegal to say they are “Fed Up”. Their actions become a movement that will change the course of democracy.

Thiat, Simon, Xuman, Kelifa and Fadel Barrow are founding members of the hip hop movement Y’ EN A MARRE. They are five young people from different backgroundsbut all are united by their profound desire for political change and their common destiny to be the ones to make it happen. This destiny will cast them in the midst of events, actions, reactions, commitment and finally the ultimate fight to get the longtime President of Senegal voted out. Through their stories and their fight we uncover the truth about upheaval and democracy in the West African nation and see how through music and passion a people's power movement can win.

Producer/Director: Adams Sie, Co-producer: Kari Barber

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