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Danish Demining Group

Edited this series of educational videos on landmines and the work of the Danish Demining Group, working with photographer and producer Peter Muller. Videos included "Conflict Management Education", "Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Mine Risk Education", "Firearms Safety Programming in Somalia", "Building Community Capacity" and "Danish Demining Group in Uganda". Check out the link to learn more about the program.

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Africare "Pass It On!"

Produced eight videos for Africare's 2009-2010 fundraising campaign, Pass It On! The videos were testimonials from real people in Africa whose lives had been changed because of the organization's work. Titles I produced included "Back to School!", "Health Care Dolls", "Getting WISE about HIV", "Passing on the Knowledge", "Grandmother Knows Best", "Service with a Smile!", "Opportunity Knocking" and "Dreams of Hope". Learn more about Africare and the video campaign here.

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Working as a freelance journalist based in Senegal and Sierra Leone from 2006-2009, I produced hundreds of television, radio and print reports from West and Central African countries including Nigeria, Mali, Liberia, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, Senegal, the Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast. Here is an archive of many of the television reports I did from the region. View archived videos.


Writing Samples

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"Equatorial Guinea tests Obama vow to hold African leaders accountable." View text.

IRIN — United Nations humanitarian news and analysis: "GUINEA: Illegal international fishing impoverishes local fishermen"